Under the Guava Tree

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he purpose of this book is to aid children and parents of bilingual homes, one of which the language spoken being Yoruba, to learn the language through a fun and engaging way. It actively promotes this through a continuous story line of counting fruits. It is available to all speakers of the Yoruba Language, and those that have a peaked interest in being bilingual through learning the language. Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa and most prominently South Western Region of Nigeria, with an estimated number of 30-40 million people speaking the language. It is often difficult for natives of Nigeria, in diaspora, to teach children how to speak their native tongue. The book provides that whilst making the learning experience for the children fun, enjoyable and educative!

1 review for Under the Guava Tree

  1. Margret from Ghana

    The course has been a valuable source of information needed for my profession.

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